Szóló: 'Boogie'

Szóló: 'Boogie'

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"Tímea Éless was born in Tállya, in the Tokaj region of Hungary. Her grandparents worked the local vines, harvesting and grafting, and her own “love of grapes developed naturally” at a young age. She attended university and left for the city, where she never felt quite at home—thus when the opportunity to take over her grandfather’s 0.3 hectare plot presented itself, she didn’t hesitate. Tímea and her (now) husband proceeded to slowly purchase additional plots in the surrounding area—including those formerly belonging to her family—while she simultaneously studied winemaking and apprenticed under producer Judit Bott.

Producing her first vintages in 2014, Tímea and her family exercise integrated viticulture methods to preserve the vitality of and biodiversity amongst the vines. Biodynamic and sustainable practices hold the upmost importance, and she sees the wines as the ultimate expression of this harmonic rapport with nature." -Funk de Funk (the importer)

This wine is made in whole clusters which are then pressed using gentle pneumatic press and fermented in stainless steel. It has lovely fall notes of crushed apples, pears and baking spice. Balanced acid, delicate and persistent bubbles. 


Szóló (Tímea Éless)


100% Furmint