Vin de la Gamba: 'Cuvée Royale'

Vin de la Gamba: 'Cuvée Royale'

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"Alanna Lagamba is a young farmer and winemaker with big ideas and a magnetic personality. In the stodgy, male-dominated world of the Rheinhessen, she's turned some heads with her brash labels and theatrical antics. She spent the first few years in Flonheim establishing a virtual monopoly on the decidedly non-traditional category of German Lambrusco. Then, a while back, Alanna announced her intention to make a Champagne-method sparkling wine in the Rheinhessen. As usual, people laughed and assumed it was a joke. And as usual, Alanna was dead serious! This Spring, after 2 years of elevage "sur lattes", she bottled "Cuvée Royale"!

100% Riesling from Martin Worner that Alanna farms. Vinified and aged in the style of Champagne. A wildly original take on German sparkling wine. It's a grand wine for the dinner table." - Percy Selections (the importer)


Vin de la Gamba (Alanna Lagamba)


100% Riesling


Flonheim, Rheinhessen