Vins Nus InStabile: 'Granat'

Vins Nus InStabile: 'Granat'

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"The inStabiles series of wines are, according to Arribas, free wines: individual releases ordered in a series by number and each receives its own subtitle. The wine itself is an opportunity for Arribas to free himself to experiment only within the confines of vintage and the origin of the fruit that include Morera, Torroja, and higher vineyards in Lloar. He sees each inStabile release as an exercise in assemblage, selecting from an array of unique methods and vessels available in his cellar. The unifying principle is navigating the wine trail itself by selecting wines that, when combined, evoke subtlety and weightlessness through craftwork." -T. Edward Wines

"Very old Grenache, with a unique specificity and identity. Successive spontaneous fermentations and long maceration. Respectful aging in old barrels for 12 months. Sensitive and fluctuating development. The counterpoint between slimness and freshness is given by its volatile acidity."


VINS NUS InStabile (Alfredo Arribas)


100% Garnacha Tinta


Priorat, Catalunya