Zumo: 'Primitivo'

Zumo: 'Primitivo'

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"In 2021 Dani Rozman felt my pain for losing the vineyard in Yorkville and offered a proposal of taking over a part of a vineyard he had been buying from from in Grass Valley. I went up, took a look and it was really the most perfect vineyard I had ever seen and the first day pruning I had a major imposter syndrome day and was too scared to fuck anything up (My farming background comes from growing up in a very rural area and being exposed to lots of things but never a vineyard. I worked a little with Caleb in 2019, Dani at Renaissance in 2017/18 but I'm mainly just self taught). My anxiety subsided and I ended up with a very healthy crop with some help of my bud Devin Myers who also made a wine from this fruit. I have been drinking this wine most days and nights of the week and I think it's the closest thing to the kind of wine I aspire to make. It comes a little bittersweet due to the fact that the same vineyard which I still have a lease on was hit with the pretty shitty spring frost that hit everyone else in the area. So the '22 is way more scarce. Anyways, it's very bright fresh but not silly." -Diego Luis Perez (the winemaker)

This wine is the perfect winter red for people who normally prefer a chillable, light red but want something with a little more warmth and body for the cold winter months. There's tons of depth with lots of pine, black pepper and spice, but is still energetic and lifted. 






Sierra Foothills, California