Eigteenth (18th) Edition Wine Club

It's November, which means Wine Club is oriented around wines you can pair with your Thanksgiving dinner.


Michel Guignier
La Bonne Pioche '21
Gamay (chillable red)

Vauxrenard, Beaujolais, France


"For me, Michel Guignier is one of the most relevant Beaujolais winemakers of the post-Chauvet generation. A died-in-the-wool farmer, he never wanted to belong to the gang of 4 or the gang of 5 or whatever gang pretended to dethrone the Burgundians with blockbuster gamays and Michelin stars. Over the years, rather than expanding into the profitable world of négoce [purchasing fruit from other growers], Michel has instead shrunk his holdings, raised a herd of Charolais cows that fertilize his vines, and retreated to the East-facing slope of Vauxrenard in front of his home, just outside of Fleurie. Aside from a couple parcels in Moulion-à-Vent that he once shared with the late Julie Balagny, this is where most of his wine continues to be made. Now pushing his 70s, Michel is as radical as ever in his commitment to "pur jus", a phrase that he considers more accurate than "natural wine." Despite appearing rarely at wine tastings, he keeps company with a small but influential group of young vignerons from around the region, many of whom have gone on to become stars in their own right. 

Unlike many of the (perennially broke) winemakers that we love, Michel holds his wines at the domaine until he believes they are ready. La Bonne Pioche is fresh and floral expression of Gamay from the home vines at Vauxrenard, right in front of the house. Yields were horrible in 21 but the wine is the first in several years that tastes like the Beaujolais of pre-2015, aka when there was winter and it rained. " - the importer
Domaine Einhart 
L'Entrepide '21
Pinot Gris (medium bodied skin contact)
Rosenwiller, Alsace, France


"The domaine is located in the tucked away village of Rosenwiller, just next to Roseheim in the north of Alsace. Home to numerous wineries and a legacy of winemaking dating back to the 6th Century, it is here that the dynamic father-son team of Nicholas and Théo EInhart continue in the tradition of Théo’s grandfather. The family plots span 14 hectares surrounding the village—which lies in the fracture zone between the Alsatian plain and the Vosges mountains—and are composed of the primarily clay- limestone terroir charictaristic of the eastern Vosges foothills, with a notable presence of mineral-rich, acid-lending Muschelkalk (“mussel-chalk” or shell limestone) and dolomite beds.

The vines have been ceritified organic since 2011, and son Théo has introduced a number of diverse practices to help enrich the weaker soils of the alluvial plots. Extremely curious and engaged, Théo joined the domaine in 2000 following his studies at the Viti de Beaune in Burgundy, and, although only 23, has taken over the healm of the cellar with efficacy and precision. He draws inspiriation from celebrated winemakers in the surrounding area—notably Jean-Marc Dryer—while remaining instinctly in tune with the needs of his own family plots and the vinification of their grapes.

As in the vines, all processes in the cellar are completely chemical-free. 

The wines of the domaine embody the attention to detail in the vines and utmost precision in the cellar, and are incredibly stable and vibrant. All cuvées are classified Alsace Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. This wine is round and complex, with enticing texture and mouth feel. An intriguing and full expression of Pinot Gris in maceration." - the importer


Franco Terpin
Quinto Quarto Rosso '22
80% Merlot/20% Cabernet Sauvignon (medium bodied, rich)
Collio, Friuli, Italy


Situated in the hills bordering Italy and Slovenia Franco Terpin produces some of the most outstanding skin contact whites coming out of Italy. Franco Terpin makes his wines in a beautiful rustic fashion which doesn't include fining or filtration hence leaving them cloudy and complex much like the dreams he hopes they will evoke. Often regarded as one of the top producers of the region.

Mouth-filling black/purple fruits and red flowers are laid out upon a high tensile frame that is packed with elegance and freshness, while intriguing low notes of wild and leafy wet earth provide a welcome savory counter.

Domaine des Grottes
Un Petit Coin de Paradis '22
Gamay (lightly sweet, lightly sparkling)
Saint-Etienne-des-Ouillières, Beaujolais, France


"Des Grottes initially came to Beaujolais after finishing business school. He already had a child he wished to raise in the countryside, and had no special attachment to Paris, when his grandfather proposed he help manage the office for the Château de Lacarelle.’ Of the 8 hectares he farms, he ripped up 50% to put in cereal and cover crops to aid in the soil health and sustainability." - Not Drinking Poison

Pet-Nat with residual sugar. Perfect for poolside sipping (you might chug it accidentally), or eating with some spicy food. Tastes like strawberries in sugar, watermelon hard candies (and has that same color), with really delicate bubbles.

"Directly pressed juice of Gamay.
Made like a cider. 

Easy drinking" - the winemaker

Drink this lightly sparkling, lightly sweet wine at the beginning of the meal, or at the end with dessert. Either way, you'll be happy.