Lindsay Cummins
worked in the fashion industry before making a career change in 2017, when she decided to redirect her creativity towards starting her own business, Lou Flowers.

Natalia MacAdams
has worked in various positions in the hospitality industry in both Los Angeles & New York for the past 15 years, most recently as the wine director for El Prado.

About Heaven's Market

Heaven’s Market is a wine shop & flower studio owned and operated by Lindsay Cummins and Natalia MacAdams in Chinatown, Los Angeles, which focuses on unique florals and low-intervention, ‘natural’ wine.

We offer everything from single bottles of wine to artist-made gifts to floral arrangements, as well as events and educational experiences. Customers will be invited to come in and shop with us in May, or we can help choose items for delivery.

Our Beliefs

We want to take a moment to recognize our presence in the Chinatown community. We are committed to the principle that AAPI, Black, and all POC lives matter, and believe that defunding the police plays a central role in creating a healthy and diverse community—one which does not criminalize societal problems.

We’ll continually utilize our social media presence and storefront to amplify Chinatown's valuable voices and causes, with a focus on the needs of its low-income and unhoused residents. Our goods are at a price point unaffordable to some of our neighbors, and we offer a sliding scale, or pay what you can, on select products.

Sustainability is another key belief of ours. The focus of our wine selection is based on the quality of farming and the omission of chemicals both in the farming and in the winemaking process; as well as the treatment of labor associated with production. Sustainability in agriculture is part of our commitment to anti-racism. This applies to our flowers as well. It is an ongoing discussion as to how we convert our practices towards sustainability, but one that we are taking on.  We are still formulating a plan for this, and will update when we feel it is complete.

We're new faces in Chinatown and intend to be good neighbors. We approach all situations with openness and sincerity and thus encourage anyone to reach out to us with questions or to have a discussion about how we can be valuable to this vital community.