Cascina degli Ulivi: 'IVAG'

Cascina degli Ulivi: 'IVAG'

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Where to start with the late Stefano Bellotti and Cascina degli Ulivi? Largely responsible for the legitimization of biodynamic viticulture and the eschewing of modern oenology since the early 1980's, his vision has inspired a generation of younger vignaioli. In a world determined to categorize and explain everything with science, Stefano preached holism. Even more impressive, he showed us how to buck the system, to voice dissent and fight back against the commodification of nature and agriculture. - Louis Dressner

100% Cortese. From a certain parcel of biodynamically farmed estate vines on white limestone-clay soils in Gavi. The bunches are harvested by hand, direct-pressed and fermented spontaneously with no sulfur in old barrels. The wine is aged for around a year in the same old barrels and bottled without fining, filtration or sulfur. 

The name "IVAG" is an inversion of Gavi. Pioneering Ulivi founder Stefano Bellotti was utterly committed to farming and making wine in his beautiful Gavi terroir as naturally as possible and thus tended to run afoul of the commercially oriented Gavi DOCG standards. After his 2015 was rejected, he opted to leave the DOCG entirely, bottled the wine as a Vino Bianco and gave it the flippant moniker we know and love today. - Bowler Wine  



Cascina Degli Ulivi (Ilaria Bellotti)