Celler la Salada: 'La Filla del Macaners'

Celler la Salada: 'La Filla del Macaners'

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"Toni Carbó built Mas Candí with his best friend and business partner Ramón Jané before starting Celler La Salada in 2012. His family’s estate soils ring with life; they’ve been farmed sustainably for generations, untouched by chemicals. Their vineyards are not tilled; this is true minimal intervention agriculture. The objective is to have the highest variety life in the soil and create a natural balance within the environment.

98% Sumoll, 2% other native red varieties. A new single-vineyard wine that is in homage to an old vineyard, Els Maçaners. ‘La Filla del Maçaners’ is a 2014 selection massale planting of the original Els Maçaners vineyard in the village of Castelladral—a centenarian vineyard of Sumoll with a small smattering of other extremely rare local varieties interplanted (Bertrol, Carregarucs, Pansera, others…). Previously, La Salada had produced a red wine from off this Maçaners vineyard, but the old farmer who owns it is unable to continue in its possession; however, he did give winemakers Toni and Anna the go-ahead to take cuttings from its rare vines. Now we have ‘the Daughter of Maçaners,’ which will become a new heritage vineyard for the winery. All fruit is done whole cluster, pressed by foot, with two weeks fermenting in open amphora; it’s then pressed off and aged in closed amphoras for another six months. Sumoll is an intensely rustic and tannic grape—we liken it to the Catalan Nebbiolo, but from the Alto Piemonte—and it shows in this concentrated, wild fruit. Not a red for quaffing; an ageworthy and meditative version of one of the Penedès’ most ancient varieties." - Coeur Wine Co.


Celler La Salada


100% Sumoll


Alt Penedés, Catalunya