Closerie de Belle Poule: 'Les Eaux Bonnes'

Closerie de Belle Poule: 'Les Eaux Bonnes'

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Having trained under Romain Verger from Le Thio Noots (excellent young producer. We currently have one of his wines in the shop from a very small release. An energetic Cab Franc), Sébastien Gandubert is lowkey and humble. His sense of humor and eccentricity comes across on the internet, but I've yet to meet him in person. Sebastien's labels often feature a simple, cartoon drawing of a chicken. Each chicken represents a memeber of his family -- from his three children, to his wife and finally himself, "Le Coq".
100% Chenin Blanc from 70-80 year-old vines in Anjou in the Loire, farmed organically and biodynamically. Spends 2 months on the skins, making this an orange wine. Supple, easy drinking, maybe if you know someone unfamilar with orange wines, this would be a good introduction!


Jérôme Lambert


Chenin Blanc


Anjou, Loire Valley