Domaine Bohn: 'Souvigner Gris'

Domaine Bohn: 'Souvigner Gris'

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"Since taking over the family winery at the age of 18, Bernard Bohn has crafted an individually unique style of wines on the only outcrop of schist terroir in Alsace. The Bohn family members have been winegrowers for well over three centuries in Reichsfeld, a small village at the far end of the valley, where until recently, the local Alsatian dialect was still more common than French. Today, Bernard and his son Arthur farm just over 9 hectares and go beyond organic agriculture to incorporate uncommon techniques, such as completely abandoning vineyard plowing and allowing cover crops to coexist to create balance in the vines." -Amliere Imports

This wine is wine for the table, lending itself perfectly to good. It is not sweet but had a distinct candy-like quality. Burnt sugar and childhood. It's amazing.


Bruno Schueller


Field Blend


Husseren-les-Chateaux, Alsace