Domaine Einhart: 'L'Intrépide'

Domaine Einhart: 'L'Intrépide'

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"The domaine is located in the tucked away village of Rosenwiller, just next to Roseheim in the north of Alsace. Home to a number of vignerons and a legacy of winemaking dating back to the 6th Century, it is here that the dynamic father-son team of Nicholas and Théo Einhart continue in the tradition of Théo’s grandfather. The family plots span 14 hectares surrounding the village—which lies in the fracture zone between the Alsatian plain and the Vosges mountains—and are composed of the primarily clay-limestone terroir characteristic of the eastern Vosges foothills, with a notable presence of mineral-rich, acid-lending Muschelkalk (“mussel-chalk” or shell limestone).

The vines have been certified organic since 2011, and son Théo has introduced a number of diverse practices to help enrich the weaker soils of the alluvial plots. Extremely inquisitive and engaged, Théo joined the domaine in 2000 following his studies at the Viti de Beaune in Burgundy, and, although only 23, has taken over the helm of the cellar with efficacy and precision. He draws inspiration from celebrated winemakers in the surrounding area—notably Jean-Marc Dryer—while remaining instinctively in tune with the needs of his own family plots and the vinification of their grapes." -Funk de Funk (the importer)


Domaine Einhart


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