Franco Terpin: 'Quinto Quarto Bianco'

Franco Terpin: 'Quinto Quarto Bianco'

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"Situated in the hills bordering Italy and Slovenia Franco Terpin produces some of the most outstanding skin contact whites coming out of Italy. Franco Terpin makes his wines in a beautiful rustic fashion which doesn't include fining or filtration hence leaving them cloudy and complex much like the dreams he hopes they will evoke. Often regarded as one of the top producers of the region we are proud to be able to bring his wines to the market." - Critical Mass (the importer)

This is a light skin contact (3 days) of Malvasia and Pinot Bianco. It is the freshest of all his wines with lovely aromatics and pleasant texture. If you're not familiar with skin contact (aka orange) wines, this is a great place to start! He's a master of the art and this is nicely approachable.  


Franco Terpin


Pinot Blanc/Malvasia


Collio, Friuli