La Ferme du Pasteur: 'Fond du Loup'

La Ferme du Pasteur: 'Fond du Loup'

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"In 2021 Caroline and Rémy Kaneko settled on 2 ha of vineyards in Saint-Maurice sur Eygues near the city of Nyons. Remy is a trained sculptor and had restored old frescoes throughout France. He was also the other half behind the very popular wine bar Chambre Noir in Paris for years. Now he is returning to his parents' olive farm. In addition to the family's olive trees, the two of them press small quantities of wine from their grapes on the farm. A vinification with the complete renunciation of oenological aids including sulphur. The old vines (85 years old) are located on the slopes of Saint Maurice on a soil characterized by clay-calcareous soils covered with "galets roulés" (large pebbles) typical of the region. The younger (25 year old) vines are located directly above on a terrace of the same texture."


Caroline and Rémy Kaneko


Grenache Noir


Nyons, Rhone Valley