Le Petit Domaine: 'Grégory Guillaume et Aurélien'

Le Petit Domaine: 'Grégory Guillaume et Aurélien'

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"Aurélien Petit was formerly married to Julie Brosselin of Les Cigales dans la Fourmilière and learned how to make zero-additive wine from her current partner Ivo Ferreira. They all live and work closely in a beautiful community of winemakers in Montpeyroux, France.  Petit started making wine in 2012 with two small parcels of vines split into several small parcels, which total just over 4.5 hectares and the vines are between 20 and 50 years old. He works with respect for the land, and all of his farming is done by hand along with his partner, Magali. No chemicals are ever used in the vineyards, indigenous yeasts are used exclusively during fermentation, and the wines are neither fined nor filtered with no added sulfites. Aurélian has a unique style of macerating/aging various grapes/plots separately, then blending them to taste. The red grape varieties here are typical of the Hérault: Carignan, Syrah, and Grenache. His white wines are Grenache Blanc (a rarity in this region), and Terret-Bourret, a once common grape variety in the Languedoc that is hardly grown anywhere else." -Bisou Bisou Wines (the importer)


La Petit Domaine (Aurélien Petit)


Petit Syrah


Montpeyroux, Languedoc