Lou Grezes: 'Tressor'

Lou Grezes: 'Tressor'

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"At an altitude of 135m, this clay-limestone soil with marl-valenginiens is the highest and poorest in Domessargues. Under the influence of the sun, a good acidity is thus guaranteed; the taste of chalk is often there when tasting. The vines have a southwest orientation and an average age of 40 years. Fertilizer is not allowed, at most a little compost is used if necessary. The work of the land is done in a totally [non]mechanical way as well as the weeding under the vines using the specific inter stock. The natural maintenance of the vineyard is ensured by exposure to the Tramontana and especially to the Mistral, which favors organic farming. The proximity of the Cévennes explains the significant temperature variations between day and night.

(alluded to Trees) Illustrates the two terroirs of Syrah in Domessargues. A top-of-the-range Syrah, reminiscent of Syrahs from the northern Rhône. Often aged in old barrels (from 18 to 30 months depending on the needs of the vintage)" - translated from the winemaker's websie


Lou Grezes




Ribaute-les-Tavernes, Languedoc